Coast Team

Austin Allen

Duke University

Austin (@austin_s_allen) is a marine mammal ecophysiologist, pursuing a PhD in Marine Science and Conservation at Duke University. He works with trained dolphins in accredited public display facilities to combine animal borne data-loggers with measurements of energetic costs. After validation in a controlled setting, he will then investigate the consequences of sub-lethal human impacts (i.e. acoustic disturbance) on wild marine mammals. He’s passionate about science communication and science literacy; he loves the opportunity to further SciREN’s impact.

Molly Bost

UNC Chapel Hill

Molly (@MollyBost) is currently a PhD student in Dr. Antonio Rodriguez’s lab based at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City. She is currently working on a project investigating how land-use change over the past 150 years may have affected the sedimentation regime in North Carolina’s tidal creeks. Molly graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2013 with a BS in Environmental Science and in 2016 with a MS in Marine Sciences. Her master’s work, with Dr. Brent McKee, focused on sedimentation and Carbon burial rates in the New River Estuary using radiometric dating.

Jeanne Shearer

Duke University

Jeanne is a PhD student at the Duke Marine Lab working with Dr. Andy Read. She studies marine mammal foraging ecology and conservation. Her PhD work involves using digital movement and acoustic tags to study the foraging ecology and effects of shipping noise on humpback whales, using this information to help prevent ship strikes. Prior to Duke she finished a Masters in Marine Mammal Science in Scotland, studying pilot whale foraging behavior. She has previously done outreach with the Dundee Science Center and DUML Community Science Program and looks forward to continuing outreach in the local community with SciREN.

Amy Yarnall

UNC Chapel Hill

Amy is a Ph.D. student in the Fodrie lab at the Institute of Marine Sciences. She studies the effects of seagrass habitat degradation on the juvenile fishes and invertebrates that use seagrass as a nursery environment. She graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in biology and minor in marine science in 2015.

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