Lesson Plan Kits (NC only)

Lesson plan kits can only be shipped to educators in North Carolina.

Thanks to our generous supporters we are able to send a limited number of pre-made lesson plan kits* to educators for free!

This year’s available kits are:

Material Properties: Elastic, Plastic, and Everything in Between

The Struggle to Survive

Modelling Cellular Organelles

Modelling Water Treatment with Iodine


If you are interested in using a kit in your classroom please fill out this form. Orders will be packed and shipped on or before May 15.

These lesson plan kits are provided to you free of charge! In return, we ask that you fill out a brief survey evaluating the lesson plan after you use it in your classroom. This survey can be found here, will be emailed to you after you complete your order, and can also be found in the lesson plan description on the SciREN Portal.

Please contact sciren.kits@gmail.com with any questions.

*Kits contain materials not typically found in a classroom that are legal and cost-efficient to ship through the USPS. For these reasons they may not contain every material necessary for the lesson. Detailed lists of kit supplies can be found here.