SciREN Coast

You’re Invited to the SciREN Coast Networking Event

SciREN 2021 Registration will open on December 1st, 2020

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The SciREN Coast networking event is an evening of relaxed conversations between educators and researchers. It is a FREE event. At SciREN events, researchers provide educators with K-12 classroom ready lesson plans, which are based on their current work and adhere to state and national educational standards. These events are held at informal science education institutions, such as a museum or an aquarium. Additionally, SciREN gives researchers and educators opportunities to arrange classroom visits and to collaborate on curriculum development.


All interested teachers and educators are welcome to attend!

Anyone in a STEM field looking to share educational materials about their work and research are welcome to attend SciREN as a participant. All participants are expected to have classroom ready materials to hand out to educators at SciREN.


SciREN Coast 2021

SciREN Coast Lesson Plan Workshop: February 15th, 2021 (6-8 pm)

SciREN Coast Event: evening of March 11, 2021 (6-8 pm)


All Sciren Coast 2021 events will be held virtually via zoom.

Zoom links will be provided ahead of time to participants.