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All 2022 SciREN Georgia events will be held virtually.


Lesson Planning Workshop                                                                        Tuesday, January 4, 2022 (5PM – 7PM)

During this workshop, scientists will learn to communicate their research for an audience of K-12 students. Scientists will develop K-12 lesson plans that adhere to Georgia state and national educational standards. Our programming this year will encourage scientists to create lesson plan kits for at-home learners and those students who are learning in a new environment. 

This year’s event will be held virtually. Prior to the workshop, scientists will be provided with a video demonstration on Lesson Planning. During the workshop, scientists will work with local educators to develop their ideas and lesson plans. 

7th Annual SciREN Georgia Networking Event                                                  Saturday, February 5th, 2022 (11AM – 1PM)

The SciREN Georgia Networking Event is an afternoon of relaxed conversations between educators and researchers. It is a FREE event. At SciREN events, researchers provide educators with K-12 classroom ready lesson plans, which are based on their current work and adhere to state and national educational standards. Additionally, SciREN gives researchers and educators opportunities to arrange classroom visits and to collaborate on curriculum development.


Researchers can register here for the 2022 Lesson Planning Workshop and Networking Event!

Educators can register here for the 2022 Networking Event!



SciREN Georgia is sponsored by The Glenn Lab, UGA Graduate School, UGA Department of Environmental Health Sciences, ECOGIG, Georgia Sea Grant, and UGA College of Public Health.