SciREN Triangle

SciREN Triangle Lesson Plan Kits Ordering is Open!

Most SciREN lesson plans use materials that are commonly found in classrooms. But what about the lesson plans that require materials that cannot be found in most classrooms? Enter the SciREN Triangle Kits Program! 

The SciREN Triangle Kits Program provides the less-common materials required for certain lessons to educators at no cost. Simply look over the catalog of lessons included in the kits program, double check the materials that are and are not supplied for the lesson plan you want, then fill out the kits ordering survey! 

Catalog of lesson plans included in the kits program (and materials provided):

Kits ordering survey:

Please note that since we provide kits free of charge, we can only provide kits until our funding for the year runs out. We will make sure to update the page when this is the case! 


SciREN Triangle Networking Event

Thursday, September 22, 2022     Time: 6:00-8:30pm

This event has passed, but we plan to hold this event again next year! We hope to see you then!

Thank you to all the researchers and educators that attended this year’s SciREN Triangle Networking Event! 

What is it?

The free SciREN Triangle networking event provides a networking opportunity for educators and researchers. At SciREN events, researchers share K-12 classroom-ready lesson plans that are based on their current research  and adhere to state and national educational standards. The SciREN Triangle networking event is held at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. Additionally, SciREN gives scientists and educators opportunities to arrange classroom visits and to collaborate on curriculum development.

Our lesson plan repository can be found here!

Who can come?

Educators: All interested teachers and educators looking to make connections with local researchers are welcome to attend!

Researchers: Students, faculty, and other researchers at all career stages that are excited about sharing their research with educators are welcome! All researcher participants are expected to develop workable lesson plans which can be posted online and made available to educators for them to use in their classrooms. Researchers are also invited to participate in a virtual Lesson Plan Workshop to help them develop effective and relevant lesson plans. This online event will be held Thursday, August 11, from 3:00-5:00pm. For additional questions, please see our Researcher Information page.


Researchers: Present your lesson plan and activity to educators in person!

Educators: Make connections with local researchers and walk away with new lessons to try out in your classroom!

Everyone: Meet and network with tons of outreach-loving researchers and science-loving educators from across the state!


SciREN Triangle will be held as a live virtual networking event. Stay tuned for more information.