Georgia Team

Danielle Dankner

University of Georgia

Danielle is an Administrative Associate in the Environmental Health Science department at the University of Georgia. She received her BS in Sociology from the University of Georgia in 2015. She spent many years as a private tutor for her peers and younger students. She is very excited to contribute her knowledge and ideas to help translate research for the younger generation.

Maite Ghazaleh

University of Georgia

Maite is a PhD student in Dr. Erin Lipp’s environmental microbiology lab. Her current research focuses on the health of coral reef ecosystems. She is interested in studying how Saharan dust events and ocean warming affect coral disease and the coral-associated microbial community. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015, and received her BS with Highest Honors in Environmental & Marine Science. Maite channels her passion for science through local community outreach, and is a co-Founder of SciREN Georgia. She enjoys painting, relaxing with family, and eating Brazilian food.

Courtney Thomas

University of Georgia

Courtney is a Masters student in Dr. Mary Ann Moran’s microbial ecology lab. She is currently researching molecular exchanges between coastal heterotrophic bacteria and diatoms. Her goal is to determine what dissolved organic compounds are passed from autotrophs to heterotrophs within the ocean’s surface microbiome. She graduated from the Northwest Missouri State University in 2015, with BS in Marine Biology. Courtney is a co-Founder of SciREN Georgia. She enjoy horseback riding, outdoors adventures, and being around family.

Carol Yang

University of Georgia

Carol is a Master’s student in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development at UGA. She received her B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia. During that time, she was also excited about education and worked in a couple elementary schools in Charlottesville. Carol went on to work in Costa Rica for several years, as the Environmental Education coordinator, at a K-11 bilingual school. Carol is very interested in not only ecology, but also environmental education and outreach. Participating in EcoReach, as well as SciREN, have been great opportunities for her to learn and engage with students and a wider community.

Ruth Wangia

University of Georgia

Ruth is a PhD student working with Dr. Luke Naeher on exposure and risk assessment  of household air pollution in Peru. Ruth graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. Ruth loves to help high school kids with Science projects during her free time. Ms.Wangia is a native of Kenya, East Africa and has spent some time living in Denmark and France. She enjoys cooking, travel, hiking, reading and meditation. Ruth is a co-founder of SciREN Georgia.

Georgia Team Alumni
Chandler Countryman (UGA)
Maria Letourneau (UGA)